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Black Sherif sued by former Management over breach of contract

An Accra high will rule out the fate of the gross streaming artiste of the moment in Ghana, Black Sherif, as he been sued by the CEO of Wayne Chavis Consult, his former Management, for an alleged breach of contact.

Agyei Owusu filed this suit against Black Sherif because the artiste has abandoned him after he invested in his career, in other words he terminated his contract illegally, hence gets sued.

Several weeks ago, Black Sherif signed a distribution deal with Empire, an American distribution company and record label. Days later, concerns came from his supposed manager, who claimed that the artiste had signed the deal without letting them know.

He wants the court to prevent Black Sherif from performing at events he didn’t permit. The former manager also requested the court to order all funds accrued from the artiste’s online streams to be preserved.

This is happening at a time Black Sherif is, arguably, the most sought-after artiste in Ghana after his song ‘Kwaku The Traveller’ became the most Shazammed song of the moment.

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