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G Tips on How to Heal Your Broken Heart Safely

These are 6 Long tipss of How to heal a broken heart. If you feel heart-broken, you will be hurting your feelings. 'Hurt' is a word used to describing the 'pain' of a particular relationship breakup, but it isn't just metaphor. Research have found that the same area of the brain that alternately activate when we experience actual physical pain are triggered if a painful break up occurs. This takes time to heal.

The world and his dog might give you advice like "There's plenty more fish in the sea". But such platitudes, though technically true, don't feel true at the time.
Love makes us feel like the person we love is the only one for us. So do we each really have a soul mate? Someone who was uniquely 'meant for' us?

Here are some ideas and tips to helping you heal your broken heart safely:

1) Give yourself some time to think and meditate

If your lover was making you miserable most of the time, then whatever it was, it wasn't love. Masochistic dependency often stands in for love until the real thing comes along.
Anyway, once the object of your love goes, so do those elevated levels of feel good hormones. Plummeting levels of dopamine make you feel bad. So, although you can feel better quicker than you might suspect, don't assume you 'should' feel perfectly back to normal immediately.
But the biggest mistake is to assume you'll never feel better. This is illusion. However it feels now, you'll learn as time goes by to find life meaningful again without this person.
2) Keep up activities that fully engage your attention

Heartbreak makes us continually dwell on what could have been, replaying over and over what 'went wrong' and basically putting the imagination into overdrive. If we start living more in our daydreams (remember that even worrying is a form of daydream), we feel worse. Sure, some of this will be natural as you adjust. But a recent study found that we are at our happiest when engaged in activities that take up lots of our attention. Concentration, rather than daydreaming, makes us happiest day to day . Whether it's doing intricate practical work or focussing hard on sports, focus outwards as much as possible.

3) Keep in touch your friendships and make sure your other are activities going

When we finally fall in love, it's tempting to neglect our wider life as we focus all our attentions onto the object of our adulation. If you've done that, even a little, now is the time to put that right, to get back to your wider life, to see people again, and to engage in your neglected activities and interests. This applies even if you don't feel like it, because the 'feeling like it' often comes after you actually start doing it. No one said that a bit of willpower wasn't needed to help mend a broken heart.

4) Ask yourself Question whether the person was really meant for you

You'll have well-meaning friends no doubt telling you the person wasn't really for you, and whether you believe or not this might not make much difference to the way you actually feel. The fact is, we can miss things that were actually bad for us. Being with the wrong person will emotionally destabilize us - make us feel insecure or condition us to have low expectations for ourselves and therefore worsen our self-esteem. But the genuinely right person will help us grow and progress in our lives; the best partnerships occur when each person, through mutual encouragement, helps the other feel new possibilities and a greater sense of possibility in life. The right pairing will survive and not have the seeds of its own destruction in its beginning.
Think it over: were they really right for you above and beyond how they made you feel like?

5) Remember the bad times and consider what you have learnt all the way from the beginning.

A woman would dig out really unflattering pictures of her ex-lover whenever she felt upset about the way it had ended. Of course, your ex may have been incredibly photogenic, but I want you to avoid the 'biased reminiscence' trap. When something ends, it's easy to recall just the good times, the passion, romance, fun, and excitement. But the relationship ended. And because it ended, there must have been not-so-good times.
So again, focus on the not-so-good times from this relationship, learn from them, and avoid exclusively blaming yourself or your former partner.

6) Eliminate the power of old associations

This is a normal part of any grieving process. And whilst this is happening, life can feel painful. But don't assume there is nothing you can do about it.It takes two to tango, as popularly said.
It's important you still go to some of the same places, still listen to some of the same music, until you build up new associations with these things that don't have to do exclusively with your ex. Consciously doing this will not only help you get over heartbreak, but also give you renewed confidence and a feeling of personal power.

  • Get out and do things you enjoy.
  • Exercise.
  • Socialize with friends and family.
  • which is a massive mood booster!
  • Pursue interests.

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