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10 Ways To Creating The Best Relationship in Your Life

Create a fulfilling, safe-haven relationship and restore the romantic love bond with these 10 key points of mine. Life living Tips as well as Relationship talks embeded. These 10 ways would undoubtedly lead you the way to a successful relationship wiith your patner in love, Romantically illustrated.

1. Quickly neglect the old idea that love is something that just happens to you.
Science tells us that  love is no longer a mystery. It  will make perfect sense. You can learn its laws and theories as well. You have more control over this riot of emotion than you think! What you understand, you can shape. The first step is to decide to learn about love and the new science of adapting.

2. Try openly to reach out to someone and ask for their attention or affection.
Accept that you are a mammal. You happy and healthy, stronger, deal with stress better, and live longer when you foster your bonds with your loved ones. It is OK to need them; they are your greatest resource. We are not designed for self-sufficiency. The strongest among us accept this need for connection and risk reaching for other.

3. If you everly feel uncertain or worried or anxious, try just mentioning this to your partner and taking their hand, or noticing their emotional signals.
The bonds of love offer us a safe haven where we can take shelter and regain our emotional balance. The latest study in our lab shows that just holding your loved one’s hand can calm your brain and shut down fear.

4. Check if you can notice some times when you find openness hard, and you become defensive or distant or shut down.
We know that emotional openness and responsiveness are the ground on which solid, lasting bonds stand. See if you can take the initiative and share with your partner, helping him/her understand what makes it hard to be open at this time.

5. If you get in a fight, take a deep breath and try to see the fight as if you're a fly on the ceiling.
Often underneath the discussion of problem issues, someone is asking for more emotional connection. See if you can get curious and pinpoint the dance; maybe it’s the typical boogie where one pushes for contact, but the other hears criticism and steps back. See how it leaves you both feeling alone and a little scared. Talk about that.

6. Reflect on how you and your partner usually interact.
Can each of you reach out for the other? What do you do when the other gets upset or does not respond to you? Do you push for contact or move away? Tell your partner one thing they could do to help you reach for them rather than moving against or away from them.

7. Try to talk with your partner about how you impact each other.
Both of you offer safety or danger cues that our brain takes as serious survival information; we are available only when alone. When do you arouse real joy or contentment for your partner? When do you spark distress—a sense of being rejected or alone? Our brains code this kind of hurt in the same place and in the same way as physical pain.

8. Take a quiet moment, tune into the emotional channel and see if you can each share with your partner what you need most.
Keep it simple and concrete. Do you need comfort, reassurance, support, and empathy, a clear message of how important you are to him/her? If it’s too hard to share this, share how hard it is to open up and ask.

9. Invite your partner into more closeness once a day by playing a simple empathy game.
Each person thinks of an event in their day. Then you take turns at reading each other’s face and trying to pinpoint whether you see one of the six basic emotions: joy, surprise, sadness, anger, shame/embarrassment or some kind of fear. See if your guess is right. Learning to tune in matters!

10. Strictly Know that the best recipe for great sex is safe emotional connection and open communications.
Write down a short description of what your ideal lover might do in bed and how he or she might invite you into erotic kind of play. Give this to your partner and see what you discover about each other. Remember that criticism realy hurts and shuts down sexuality.


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